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Finally almost done with the purple alpaca scarf. The ends are woven in and all it needs now is a wash, block, and snip off the tails. By the middle of this scarf I felt like it was taking forever and it was, too. Perhaps I will call it the never-ending scarf. The n-e scarf is super-long and has more than 300 yards of yarn in it. I'm thinking that the next scarf I make with the dark blue alpaca will be doubled up and on larger needles.

My dear friends, I love you so, but really, other than Melissa and Char, you really won't know that I spent more than 20 hours on a scarf, will you? You won't appreciate the effort and persistence it took to knit a really long scarf with #6 needles when the pattern got boring after 12 inches. In fact, said recipient of the purple alpaca scarf, you saw me knitting up this scarf and you didn't mention you liked this pattern. If you don't appreciate the craftsmanship then perhaps I can take comfort in that when it gets cold and you put your lovely scarf on, warm snuggly feelings will encompass you. Yeah, you know what that means- you better not lose it or shrink it, you punk. ;)

At least others know to show suitable appreciation for knitted gifts. My dad put his golf club cover on a club and paraded about the house with it while he made me take photos. He took it to a golf game with his friends and saw that one fellow had a knit golf club cover, too. He did his rooster-crowing bit and did the show-and-tell with his golf club cover which my godfather duly admired. Turns out his friend's knitted golf club cover was a gift from one of his young female employees.

Have you ever noticed that people are sticker shocked by the price of non-acrylic yarn? My dad saw a $6 ball of yarn in my stash and his eyes bugged out a bit while I just laughed and explained that $6 was fairly reasonable. He asked how much the yarn for his cover cost and I was relieved to be able to tell him $2 per ball since I'd gotten it on sale. It's even superwash so he can wash it when it gets icky. Had it cost more, I think he would have stuck it in our office as a display item as a trophy. He pinned the blown ink tree I made when I was even shorter (yes it is possible) that more resembles the splat made by a really large bird who pooped on the car while the car was going down the highway at 65 mph. Good thing he hasn't calculated the total cost of my stash... If non-knitting people automatically priced the yarn like some people do designer outfits or electronics, a lot of knitters might be in trouble with their signifigant others.

Speaking of yarn, aren't I always? we stopped by Bainbridge Island while in Seattle and my friends graciously allowed me to enter Churchmouse Yarns and Tea Oh gosh, can I think of anything better than Yarns and tea? While Char came out with some lovely red Jo Sharp Aran Tweed, I was a good girl and didn't buy anything. A salesgirl tried to help me find some yarn made on the San Juan islands but they'd run out! Luckily, Char will be studying in the San Juans and promised to send me some. Or... I'll just go visit her! It was somewhat difficult not buying anything in the lovely lovely shop, but Char, who has been yarn shopping with me before, just surmises that I "didn't have enough time'. Bah, I think each yarn store should have a few unique items. Or perhaps all my local stores are extremely well stocked? Time did fly by and we ended up running for the ferry, flat out running. Char and Robin sprinted and Char with her much shorter legs, kept up a ground eating pace along with Robin. Ah, and we thought there wouldn't be any strenuous excercise!


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