Multi Talented

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My aunt also taught me how to sew. As a result, I can muddle my way through with a sewing machine and the three of us made these bags!


Ta-Da!!!! The pattern, which we figured out between the three of us to a reasonable degree, was in Japanese and from this Japanese sewing book and believe it or not, we didn't use any internet help, either. This was because the only computer in the house was password protected and the password holder was out of the house.

We also used the huuuuge copier at Kinko's to print out the pattern to scale-

which, BTW, costs about $5 per copy. I/we "modified" the pattern with "features" like reversible sides (didn't want to put in pockets) and the heavy upholstery/drape fabric didn't really seem to need padding/interfacing (couldn't figure out what the fluffy stuff was in the picture or which interfacing to use).

I like it!





cute bags.

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