Drinking Foul Tasting (and Smelling) Bark

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Perhaps it is my Asianess showing but I try to take herbal remedies rather than pills except for a few crucial things. I worship Western medicine with Claritin-D and Sudafed for my really bad allergy season (and resort to Root Beer for minorly bad allergy season) because I really dislike being plugged-up. However, when just plain sick, I resort to listening to my mother. It has always been this way.

Once, when a wee(er) Freecia was sick beyond normal, she was taken to the Chinese Doctor. He checked my pulse, looked at my tongue, and some mysterious stuff that resulted in a diagnosis. Then came the time to go to the Medicine House (or rather Pharmacy) to dispense the cure. To the child who resided America yet liked to eat chicken feet, the Medicine House could have been a horror film. Bits of things in bins, jars, and cupboards that I really shouldn't have asked about. Really, that's a lesson many Chinese kids learn- don't ask what it is you're about to eat, life will be much better that way. A pharmicist fills your perscription with a scale and a cook's eye for exactness as he pinches some of this, that, and Oh God, what is that?! There were probably times when I looked at my mom and asked her with my eyes "Are you seriously going to make me eat that?!" Then he wraps it up in paper and you take it home to brew. Cackle Cackle and noxious fumes. My mother brews the medicine outside because I can't stand the smell. Oh yes, to add to the problems, I'm a sniffer- I give unknown food a sniff before I eat it. Nose held shut, eyes closed, and will fortified, I poured the medicine down my throat and tried not to retch. From that point on, I was convinced I knew why this Chinese Medicine worked- it tastes so foul you really really want to get better. Quick.

So when I woke up with a slightly scratchy throat yesterday, I drank some water. Then a few hours later, bowing to the inevitable, I took Airborne (which comes in good tasting flavors). I got the Ricola sugar free drops. I went to bed at 8 and tried to sleep and sweat it off. Oh yes, the cold chills had come on. I was prodded by my dad out of bed at an obscenely late hour (Did I mention he's the one who gave this bug to me? Choice words. Choice words.) because of some reasoning with those who lie abed do not get well and general disgruntlement. More Choice Words. I broke down and took Throat Coat with Slippery Elm Bark. Not completely noxious but not a tasteless pill. Nose stoppered, breath held, I managed to get through half of it. I'm not sick enough to finish it.

Luckily, Homemade Chicken Soup is on the menu for tonight. A much more appealing "Mommy"cure.


I had to laugh... Oh jeez, I've been there! However, it wasn't Chinese medicine, it was Cherokee medicine, and my grandmother used to drag me. After she passed away, my dad would take me.

Oh. My. Gods. There is nothing more foul than the concoctions that used to be poured down my throat! Ugh.

I certainly hope that you feel better, soon!

I'M SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOMENNASAIGOMENNASAIGOMENNASAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cries I didn't want to get anyone sick!!!!!!!!! Feel better soon!!!!!!!

Hope you feel better soon! I am at the point where I will take just about anything if it works. Did the Chinese Doctor check your 6 pulses or whatever?

Hey did you tell your dad sharing is only good when its yarn? I hope you feel better soon. Make sure you get lots of rest. Let me know if you need anything.

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