Knitting Machine - 20 Foot Needles

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What do I say to a 4 day knitting project that requires two John Deere Excavators and a Genie to produce a knitted American Flag to be exhibited in a museum just in time for July 4th? 20 foot needles. O.o

Rock On. Happy Independence Day!

Cool Hunting: The Knitting Machine

The Knitting Machine is Dave Cole's performance art piece that uses construction equipment and 20-foot long knitting needles to construct large-scale objects. Starting yesterday June 30th and throughout the weekend, the artist will use a pair of John Deere excavators to hold the needles and a Genie to wrap the yarn, creating an oversize American flag at MASS MoCA. The flag will then be folded military-style, housed in a diplay case about the size of a Volkswagen Bug, and become part of an exhibit in the museum along with other work by Cole. Something about the mix of domestic craft and construction seems like a fitting way to celebrate the 4th.

Though this does lead me to wonder about gauge and speed... And if they're going to pull a Christmas Yarn Harlot type action and knit around the clock.

Ohh And have you seen this new Karaoke yarn?

I've seen this in the prototype form and I almost ran off with it. As you can see from the photos it has juuuust arrived in freshly packaged ball format at Full Thread Ahead. This means they are freecia-drool free for the moment. If you prefer your yarn without my drool, now is a good time to get it. Link - You've convinced me

In my own defense, it is July and that means it is the start of a new yarn budget month. Heh. Let's see just how long I can hold out for. It just may tempt me to do another 'Skein Wonder or another shrug.

I saw karaoke on the cone and kept on gravitating back to it, as if it were some particularly sweet little pet, carting it about Hollis' living room.

Note: This may be the only form of Karaoke I like for those of you who know [identity protected for my safety] and are still my friends despite that having experienced what [said person] considers entertainemt.


Want yarn? I owe you one birthday present!! (Not sure how much yarn that would buy, but I can get you a gift certificate or something....)

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