yarn makes me feel better about wonky gauge

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Okay. Just look at the sizing comparing to a Real Simple Magazine. No, I'm tiny but not that tiny. I will repeat this endeavor soon after ripping this and hope to get gauge. Once again, I shouldn't have trusted the band on the ball and my silly notions of getting gauge. Harumph. It was the same knitter's insanity that told me to forge ahead, much like sweetgeorgia's OSW

Sizing-wize, I think I'll aim for the third sizing- 15" shoulder to shoulder, rather than 14" on way too tiny gauge.

Oops. But what do I have to make me feel better? Read on!

Just WHERE did freecia go on her trip with incidental yarn stores?

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Stops in Order
- Hilltop Yarn
- Knitty Pearls in Freeland on Whidbey Island
- Island Wool on Friday Harbor
- Beehive Wool in Victoria, British Columbia
- Village Yarn and Tea in Shoreline which nudges against Seattle
- Weaving Works in Seattle
- Tricoter

And what did she get?

Krystal Farms Alpaca

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Alpaca from a cute little sweetie named Zoretta

FleeceArtist Cashmere

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Fleece Artist of Canadian Fame (Can't identify Hockey Players but can identify Yarn) in a lovely Cashmere 2-ply. So lovely.


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Two Balls of Socketta from Weaving Works. This store is Yarn Harlot Paradise. I told the shop lady I fully expected Stephanie to make off like a bandit when she goes to sign at Weaving Works.

My camera ate the photo of the South West Trading Company bamboo in a gorgeous limited run (aka oopsie dye lot) I purchased at Full Thread Ahead. This is a extremely colorful sunset you only see a few times in your life with pink hues to the dark blues, going through the golds, purples, and greens. It's called Serendipity. Promise to post this soon. I swear, after all that yarn, I wasn't going to buy any more, but I went to Hollis' today for a Pearls to Purls jewlery and yarn show. I saw this and just could not resist. It was nearly fatal trying to part myself from a few balls of it so I bought two. This really isn't my typical colorway and is more Charlene's colors with the pinks and purples. Just. Could. Not. Resist. There's a whole rationale of it being a limited run yarn and my runt sized One Skein Wonder... It still sounds good. That's when you know you should have gotten the yarn, when the idea sounds good 12 hours later.


So sorry about the gauge issue! I did that on the last thing I made, didn't even give it the benefit of a picture before I frogged that thing straight back into balls!

It's pretty!! Too bad it doesn't fit... I think it'll be cute when you re-do it though!

And I liked the pictures. Am jealous of the tack shop. And of all the birdies I'm sure were there. Next time I should come.

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