splash and dash


Well, my family and friends heard my plea and gave me yarn, books, yarn and books, and a rowan subscription (Thanks Aunt Tracy!). So now I have a righteous stack of knitting books and a goodly stack of yarn. Of course, it did not help that knitting arts has a sale right now until the 8/9th of Jan. with 30% the tables in the back and 20% off all other yarn. Notions, needles, and books are not on sale (but still in short supply) so of course I purchased a book for Melissa, Ann Budd Book of Patterns, so she can see the actual anatomy of knitwear instead of just following patterns and thinking they're totally weird and "how will that turn into this". Especially the sweater. I wanted to get her Budd's sweater book but they didn't have it in stock and this book had quite a bit of info on sweaters, too.

There was a nice amount of Noro on the back table and I picked up two lovely blue skeins to make into a hat for James who was especially sweet this xmas season. He pretty much made the rest of my friends mad since he left them nothing on my gift list (but agreed to return the duplicates)

Vegas was a hoot and some. Ate much too much, saw two more cirque shows so now I've seen all four cirque shows stationed there, and hurt myself sleeping. I'm so hardcore. Stephi's scarf is a continuing saga but she did get to see it today and she requested it be longer. Longer it shall be. This is perhaps the upside of procrastiknitting gifts- they're still on the needles.

Pictures and titles of books to come. Gotta go delete some comment spam.