freecia as a "serious graduate student"


Side note even before I've started. I saw Joanna Mazur today from SFHS. She looks a bit different from high school since she's filled out a bit.

Freecia on being a "Serious Graduate Student" aka I can top Robin's week of hell aka why I could have been dead and you probably wouldn't know because there's no real difference.

Last week was heinous. The duration from now until the second week of December will be Heinous. Bad enough to need a capital letter or perhaps two, but you never use just two capitals, you gotta capitalize the whole word, and that's a tad bit excessive because while bad, at least I have enough time to prepare. Okay. End Rambly noncoherent sentence.

Here's a list of school related deadlines and if I'm feeling like public humiliation, my progress. I'm not including the buttload of homework and reading I have to do.

1. Multimedia Compression Midterm - Tues Nov 23
2. Logic Quiz (and finals questions) - Mon Nov 29
3. Object Oriented Project Part 1 and Presentation - Thurs Dec 2
4. Logic Final - Mon Dec 6
5. Object Oriented Final - Thurs Dec 9
6. Object Oriented Project Part 2 - Thurs Dec 9
7. Multimedia Compression Project - Thurs Dec 9

So. If you're wondering where I am. It's
A) studying for an exam
B) doing homework/projects
C) working
D) sleeping
E) eating
F) reading/watching an episode or two of anime/tv and knitting
G) Seeing people and probably drinking Pearl Tea
H) Throwing a hissy fit
I) see A-D and H. H is recusive. It's not multitasking, just inefficiency.
J) taking a test
K) taking care of hygeine matters. Remember kids- non-smelly is good
I could give you a probability curve then compress each of these using LZW/aruthmetic coding but I doubt you want to see that. My Multimedia compression teacher might...
Now that I look at the list, it's not that different from what I normally do but the proportions are changed. Like, take sleep and swap with studying. Who needs more than 6 hours of sleep anyways?!