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Knit Wit is out on the stands! Stopped by Borders on my way home to take a look at the new book and here's some sneaky low-res phone photos of my favorite sweaters:

Janda Hoodie

Hidden Agenda Sweater

Purple Haze Cardigan

For those of you on the Man Along, the Men's hidden agenda sweater is perfect. I'm tempted to do what the book said- knit it up for your man and when he leaves the house, snag it for yourself!

Okay so I didn't buy it yet. To be truthful I wanted to see the laptop cozy pattern and I wasn't all that impressed. I'm sure I could have come up with the red cozy (as seen on the cover which looks like a purse, but the handle is an ibook notebook handle) on my own after swatching a bit. Booo. And come to think of it, it doesn't take advantage of the shock protection of bulkier yarn or felting. So, Knit Wit stays on my wish list. Maybe someone (fuzzystingray people ) will get it for me for xmas instead of yarn? Of course, yarn is also very very welcome... Though once again, non-knitters, yarn from the yarn store starts at around $5 a ball. A book is kinda more practical ;) Unless you're knitter, they know how to buy enough yarn for a given project and not faint dead away at the price tag (Sorry Robin ;) )


I had a dream I took you yarn shopping. Really! Guess where we went?
We went to the (nonexistent) outlet shop of Woolneedlework
So you could get a bunch of Alpaca Silk for $5.69/ball.
I've been mulling over alerting you of the price in case you've missed it and want to make a bigger project than I can provide for. I decided this was a sign. BUT I wouldn't rule out the possibility of maybe some showing up for you at some point. BUT I also might change my devious little secret pal mind. :)

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