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Uncommon Threads had a yarn sale this past weekend and I went a bit nutty, but I assure you they were all good deals! Great deals! I'd take a picture and post it but it scares even me. Sooooo much yarn.

I finished the cute aline bag as you can see. It's a bit floppy and the flap sticks out like a :p tongue. And ah, the handle is a bit stretchy. I think the next time I make this bag I'll use a non-stretchy type of yarn. I skipped over the lace pattern because I was stymied. Ah well.

There's a knitting group meeting tonight at Uncommon Threads (post sale) and I'm wondering what to cast on to take there. Hmm, with all this yarn and nothing currently in progress except for the bag I'm seaming together. I think I'll go take a look at my stash and see if anything inspires me.

Update- I'd forgotten about my family dinner. Relatives from Hong Kong had flown in and we had a nice dinner. Ah well, it got scheduled Sat. morning anyhow, after I had seen the knitting_click leader (oh fearless leader Hojo ) and when I got out around 8:35 pm, I went home and drove over to the store to see if people were still there. Alas alas, 10 til 9 and it had wrapped up for the night so I made my second stop at Walmart and picked up two gallon ziplock bags which I'd hunted high and low before yet they continued to elude me until I was at Jay's house on Friday with James. His mother, who loves Ziplock more than I do, had a few out to pack things into. She shared her secret and admitted that she gets them at Walmart, but occasionally buys out the stock with her friends. Today the elusive bag was finally my sighted prey and I snagged two boxes (10 per box) as my trophy.


You have gone utterly bonkers with the yarn thing...

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