Institutionalized squirrel


My newest yarn has arrived. That's right, more yarn. I ordered some Alpaca from for Christmas gifts as I mentioned earlier. Who's getting what is a secret! Yes, that really means that I bought the yarn and don't have patterns for the projects yet but I know what these balls of yarn are vaugely being transformed into. Now my poor stash box (from ikea)
is a bit overflowing. Must knit more to buy more. If you're wondering what to get me for Christmas, well, no worries, I've got my list building. For a small preview, read my extended entry.

Right now I'm working on seaming the Zeeby's Bag I'm making for my mom and a small golf club cover for my dad. A golf club cover for my dad? Yes. Just one. Once I finish seaming the bag I need to line it or pay someone to line it. I'll probably wind up lining it myself and perhaps also line the straps so they won't stretch too much.

I've managed to resist purchasing any more yarn and I've also put myself on a pen diet. The pen vase is overflowing as is my stationary folder. [+Joined Secret Pal III] I do want to join a knitgroup secret pal III but I think I'm going to check my bank account first. I am so tempted but minimum purchase for swap is $50 including time and postage. My "do not buy" will-of-jello broke down and I bought another book but I purchased the hardback from costco and I WILL be selling it on ebay today/tomorrow along with one other I bought this week so I don't feel too guilty about it.

Things I want to buy but am resisting -

Petit Boutique craft books
Japanese knit books
Yarn for the wristlet patterns in Stitch and Bitch
Noro Daria Yarn- at least 3 skeins
Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in my typical sea green/blue or black. Retail price per ball is 7.85 while specially imported is $6.10
Addi Turbo Circular Knitting needles (just about any of these would be nice. #1-5 would be at least 32" long. Really want to buy #6 16" and 24")
Vogue Knitting book
Stitch and Bitch Nation coming out this fall (Will buy if worthy)
Knit Wit coming out this fall (Will buy if worthy)
Ball Winder or Cone Winder
Swift (an inexpensive one)
Last-Minute Knitting Gifts Book comes out Oct 1st written by the owner of Purl Soho

Family Circle Knitting Mag - Fall 2004
The mysterious purse pattern I saw in one of the fall knitting magazines. It was knit of cotton in pink and white. That's the nice thing about yarn, you can choose your own colors. Anyway, it was adorable and I might just cave unless I join the secret pal and hope my pal will send it to me (or I'll send it to them!)