alpaca scarf antics


This past weekend was a slow flurry of knitting progress. While up north, Char, Melissa and I worked on our scarves. We knitted in the airport waiting for our delayed depature, knit on the plane, knit on the ferry to Bainbridge Island, knit on the ferry back to Seattle, knit while in the car on the way to Vancouver, knit while waiting to enter Canada for about an hour and half through the backlog, knit while in Vancouver, knit on our way back to Seattle and the 45 minute backlog at the side crossing to avoid a two hour wait at the Peace Arch (nobody feels peaceful waiting that long), and knit while on the plane home. Yes, there was a lot of knitting. Almost enough for Robin to start whimpering as Julie joined us in craftyness with her cross-stitching.

Here's the progress on the elann alpaca scarf- I knew there wouldn't be much stitch definition and I'm wishing that I'd picked a different pattern because I've seen it worked up in worsted wool blends and it's much lovelier that way. This WIP1 is taking sooo long and I wish it were finished. The next scarf has got to be a bit more interesting of a stitch pattern... except I like to be able to mindlessly knit along without having to remember more than two rows. Two balls of yarn have gone into the scarf and I'll probably knit along for another ball before I stop. Then I'll wash and block to flatten it out a bit.

Watched while knitting - Bing Crosby in Holiday Inn and Going My Way

1 Work in Progress