Went and saw the 12:01 viewing of Spiderman 2 with Char. I justified this as my youthful deed for my 24th year. The sequel to Spiderman opened today and there were a bunch of obnoxious males sitting behind us and one kept on making the Chewbaca noise. Okay a few times, ten times, even 15, but once it hits like every 4 minutes, well. Let's just say it's a good thing I didn't bring my knitting because it might have been the murder weapon. And they confiscate those. There'd go my current project.

As for the film, I felt it was better than the first. At least in humor. The movie did make fun of itself intentionally this time whereas last time it was quite unintentional. The action was good, story about action average (no huge surprises really), and I only noticed that my posterior was asleep as the credits started to roll. Really, I had more fun laughing at the movie and how they kinda make it self-deprecating. All in all, a decent justification for the $10 and 3 hours of my time. Possibly not a justification for the neanderthals behind us making farting noises on their arms. They were in their twenties and without dates. The teens in front of us were more well behaved.