knitting, more expensive than anime


I just spent $40-ish on materials after I wandered into Knitting Arts in Saratoga. It wasn't a pure pleasure trip since I went in to get materials for the Aline bag from which suggests raffia yarn.

(the title refers to the saying anime, crack is cheaper )

The yarns I purchased were:
* Katie Venecia-00
* Tahki Yarns Lily-08
* Crystal Palace Shimmer - 1743 (which had to be rewound since it was so played with)

Also picked up a pair of Plymouth#10 24" circulars which are nonrefundable. I had traded in Clover #8 16" circ's for Addi Turbo #8 16" circulars in research for working on the Harry Potter scarves which I'd purchased at Uncommon Threads (refundable).

I haven't yet decided which yarn to use for the scarves. The options are Unger Utopia (Acrylic), Plymouth Encore (25%Wool & 75% Acrylic), and Nature Spun (100% Wool). What would people prefer to wear? I'm leaning towards the Acrylic or Acrylic blend. I like the blend but it's a tad more expensive. The blend works well on Addi Turbo's but the acrylic may work better on bamboo.