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I set my sights on this fuzzy cell phone bag made out of fizz in the Berry Parfait shade. Many tries later, I gave up in frustration. The problem was that it required a knit and slip stitch sequence, and I just couldn't see the actual thread because of the eyelashes (fuzzy yarn like this is called eyelash). I'd tried wetting them down but that didn't work either. Normally, if it were the same stitch over and over and I dropped a stitch with this yarn, it wouldn't be that noticeable.
The pattern suggested a mockup using a regular yarn and I used some of my leftover rowan polar which stitched up nicely. Next time I make something fuzzy, it's going to be a thicker yarn in the center. Saving money isn't worth the agony. Basically, knitting with fizz is a bit like knitting with dental floss, the yarn is that thin. Actually, to be more blunt, it rather reminds me of frayed dental floss.
This ball of yarn is going back into the "save for later" stash.