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Usually I'm not quite the social butterfly, but this week I've seen a good many people.
Here's the when, who, and where:
Thurs- Melissa and James for dinner at the "back" of Joy Luck Club- Rancho 99 Wolfe, and Q-Cup for pearl tea.
Fri - called Stephi to wish her a happy birthday. She was settling in for a movie night and some down time.
Sun- James and I wandered about Santana Row and wound up across the street at Cheesecake Factory for dinner. A lengthy stop at Borders but we both walked out without purchasing.
Mon- Drew, Kalyan, and James for Drew's belated birthday dinner at Amberindia in Mountain View. Then we hopped over to Walmart in our attempts to lure Kalyan to purchase something. He didn't, but we had fun smelling candles, fabric softener, and shampoos.
Tuesday- People I don't know for Avon Breast Cancer two day walk informational meeting held at the Palo Alto Crowne Palaza near Arastradero.
Later stopped by my Aunt Flora's to drop some stuff off. Happened to see my cousin Ted but he was getting ready for bed at 9ish since he has to get up around 5.

Financially diminished but socially stuffed.


Muerte a WalMart! MURETE! [wink]

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