computer hiccups


My computer decided that it dislikes my wallpapers directory and asked me if I wanted to reformat the d:/ directory... I don't think so. Then I rebooted and it deleted that directory; a few less wallpapers, I can deal with that. Then I do a bit of system maintainance - nothing like hardware failure to encourage you to do so - and evidently the next time I partition for Windows, I should partition more that 12 GB for my programs partition. O.o What in the world am I installing that is this huge? Then oh, I remember, I have Microsoft Office 2003. That alone counts for a goodly chunk. Throw in a few compilers, java editions, and adobe acrobat (not reader, the "creator" = 289 MB). Another Microsoft Project and Visio, because you don't get to call yourself a computer geek until these suck up hard drive space (if you're not Linux based at least). A service pack update and several critical fixes. Well. There I go.
Appropriately enough, among the monoliths of Microsoft hard drive usage I have, the four smallest programs that show up in my "Add or Remove Programs" list are the Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP which come to less than .6 MB. There's an easy explanation of that because they're all using functionality from Windows XP already... but anyhow.
Computer will be defragging while I go to class today. It's therapeutic to watch the bars move around the defrag program, though. Somehow I feel cheated of my maintainance routine.