cleaning costs

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Cost to clean freecia's bedroom:
1 dirt devil hand vac filter $2.99
1 new box of swiffer dusters $3.99 (safeway club card special for the standard nonflex head kind)
(1 safeway club card due to "misplacement" of last card FREE)
Gas to Goodwill, ~$1
1 box Claritin-D 12 hour 30 tablets $16.99 (with $3 coupon and $1.39 off sale from longs)

Currently $24.97

Time spent:
about 8 hours so far. If I could stop buying stuff, that'd be helpful. If this Claritin would majorly kick in, that'd be better.

3-28 3:38 pm


What happened to your blog? I like the new colors. Changes look in-progress though. Might be my browser but the blogs are cut off by the sidebar. And silly goose, if you cleaned your room more often you wouldn't need Claritin! hehe. Ok, I shouldn't be talking. My apartment is pretty messy right now. But that's one nice thing about Bozeman, my allergies aren't so bad here. How's Fruits Basket?

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