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I never thought I'd ever be on the amazon, but the evidence is here! My recent trip to Peru included a visit to the rainforest, walk through macchu picchu, and other spectacular sights. Go take a look at the photoset

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wow.. your pictures look amazing!! and like there were a lot of bugs, tell me truly, will i survive peru with my bug-phobia?


In my opinion, yes you'd make it, but you wouldn't like parts of it. I had 100% DEET on (yes. 100) and still got bit about 5 times. In the less buggy dry season. Plus the DEET made me break out.

Maybe if you stayed outside the Amazon? That was the worst of it. Macchu Picchu also has mosquitoes and I hear the Inca Trail bugs are vicious.

oooh, pretty! and I identified all da birdies for you!

where are the pictures of you! surely your dad took some... i wanna see those too!! ;)

Don't worry Melissa, I'll save you from the bugs, or at least try to ID all of them. :) I'll have to buy a insect book. Oh, but I hate biting insects. . . hate mosquitos, hate sand flies! Must fight them!

Oh, such pretty pics! :) I wanna go too!

Oh, wow! Someday... By the way, I have a permethrin-infused anti-mosquito shirt I bought from Orvis, in case that idea helps on your next trip. I wear a t-shirt between me and it, just to make sure I don't react to it, being prone to allergic reactions, but it does help.

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