Weather Whimp

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It has long been established that I'm a wimpy Californian when it comes to the cold. While google claims that it is a fair 70 degrees outside, inside the house, it feels about 60.

Solution? Please excuse my shivering while I put on a hat, a down vest, and hug a hot water bottle. Finished knits to the rescue! One Koolhaas hat made of Malabrigo Merino Worsted weight
Photo 4.jpg

I'll post a better picture of the hat sometime soon, but I need to go heat up with a hot shower and knit some wool socks. Yes, that's me, Miss Weather Whimp.


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

we haven't turned our heat on yet here in the foothills, and it's gotten down to 64 indoors.

but i suspect our rough and toughness will only last as long as it will take me to figure out how to distract mike long enough for me to turn the thermostat from cool to heat. :)