Secret Seasonal Knitter

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I found myself up at 1 am last night with extremely cold feet and in need of wool socks. I woke up this morning and wished for wool sweaters. I'm sure by the time I get home tonight, I'll go diving through my stash and organizing my closet to pool out my woolies and mend what needs to be repaired.

Yes, friends, though I've always considered myself a four season knitter, when the chilly weather hits (and by chilly, I mean in the 60's during the day), I go on a warm clothing rampage. The knitting bug kicks in and I'm staring at my sizable sock yarn collection, thinking that I really should have knit socks all summer like Wendy so I'd be semi-prepared for this "I need cold weather clothes, now!" bug. Just a few more months until everything in the LL Bean catalog looks wonderful, especially if it was made to withstand below freezing weather. That's what makes it almost suitable for a mild California winter for this California girl.

In the meantime, I've been knitting little baby sweaters and just have to finish them. Well, the babies will come sooner or later, so obviously they've got to be finished!


My toes are cold, too. But I never did like wearing socks. I put an electric throw over my toes instead and warm them before bed _