Never pass muster

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I would never pass muster as a Japanese housewife... But I want one of these bento lunch jars! (undecided on model)

I saw the Mini Bento and while super cute, it is also super small with only one section for hot food (that was about the size of a cup or so?)

And some who read this blog also know that I enjoy my morning sleep, balancing the "lemme sleep some more" with "Uh oh. I gotta do this before I get to work" rationale in the morning. Those people are laughing their heads off right now.

But one can dream and admire those who would beat me up in a lunch packing contest (does takeout count? 'Cause Nijiya Supermarket in Mountain View makes great bento)

Things you may not know about my mother:

  • She doesn't like microwaves because she believes they will turn food into radioactive waste
  • She has filled the microwave with dried goods and uses it as a storage locker
  • She thinks standing near a working microwave often enough will give you cancer
  • She believes heated plastic is the next worst thing to Styrofoam
  • We both have a thing for containers, mostly made of plastic. Yeah. Go figure.
    (Scientific or not, you don't want to mess with my mother)

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I think your mother and I would get along. I am always tempted to just make the microwave disappear (I don't know what happened to it?! Maybe it was abducted by microwave aliens?) The Bento boxes are awesome. I will pass along the link to my daughter as she is obsessed with bento boxes and bento lunches as well. Now why don't they make the cute bags that come with the Mini for the Ms Bento?!

My MIL doesn't use a microwave because she's anti-nuclear ;}.

Those Bento boxes are so cute.

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