Less Stuff more Fun money

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I have lots of Stuff and know people with Stuff. eBay is a good place to attempt to rid myself of stuff. Company has a promotion to give recognition to recent college grad employees who lists/sells the most items and a few other creativity categories (quality and ingenuity counts, too). All this translate to some incentive to finally list my items and my stuff will become your stuff!

I'll be listing an assortment of items like Yarn, Knitting Books, Used Books, Longaberger baskets, and other little doo-hickeys that I have around the house. I have quite an awesome and eclectic selection of doo-hickeys, some of which are sheep things like sheep Pez or sheep paperclips. Oh, and a few SHEEP NOTEBOOKS! which make great knitting journals. How can you resist notebooks with Mouton written on them? Don't bother, you'll only hurt yourself in the mad rush for the sheep notebooks (my local supplier has been wiped out by the rabid knitters).

Thanks for taking a look and if you see something you know someone else would love, by all means, pass it on.

Contest Alert! If you refer someone else who does end up buying something, cc the referral email to moutonme AT freecia dooot com and I'll correlate their paypal email with the email you cc'd (so yes, the paypal email and the referral "To" email address should be the same).

Prizes: Two winners will be chosen:
- The person who refers the most completed winning auctions will get a free mouton mini notebook!
- A winner will also be drawn at random from the received emails. Prize is a mouton mini notebook!
(The things are too cute)

Yes, you can refer yourself ;)

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