More Vine Lace

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Until someone obliges me with a appropriate sized head model (waiting for some babies), I'll just have to make do with this rather shabby photo of my latest finished knit: Vine Lace Baby Hat [pdf] (Design by Sandi Wiseheart)


Knit in some leftover Koigu on #3 dpns (my dog ate one) and a some Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino to finish off the top when I ran out of yarn.

And hey, Sheep Pez! Before you ask, I got this a while back at Cost Plus/World Market.


My very cute dog is not yarn safe. He ate a Crystal Palace bamboo dpn and regularly treats my yarn/works in progress as his foe, chewing on them and tangling the skeins. He barks at projects, too. I'd show you a picture, but he's cute, and cuteness shouldn't forgive his bad yarn manners.


You bought only ONE sheep Pez dispenser? Have you learned nothing from Cookie?

Bad doggie! Do you suppose you can train it out of him?

Um, need to train dog not to eat knitting needles. Highly recommended by Charlene and Robin.

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