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Okay, so I admit I'm a bit crazy about Japanese Yen/Dollar Stores1. They sell fantastic stuff of decent quality at affordable prices. Cookie made me out to seem like a plastic consuming monster with the sparse selection of Sheepish photos she posted. "Selection" would be the operating keyword here.


This is what Cookie *really* bought. Yeah. I might be small but I'm a good enabler.


The awesomeness of Japantown Kitsch.


No Japan for me this spring but I still got to see some nice blossoms.

And for those of you who don't mind the non-knitting non-knitter animal related content, please welcome the newest member of our family:


His name is Okey as in "okey dokey" (thank my mother). He's a little cockapoo puppy. And yes, for those of you who met Snowball who sadly passed away last year, this is another white dog; it wasn't intentional. This one doesn't shed. Yay! He's not as peppy or quick on the uptake as Snow, but he's already figured out how to piddle in the wrong spots. Good thing we look where we step.

1 Ichiban Kan - 22 Peace Plz # 540 San Francisco map
Yes, I've been to Daiso and the collection of cute stuff at Ichiban Kan is much easier to navigate. Daiso has a larger assortment of goods, though.


That pic of you and Kristi is awesome!!! I tried to get a picture with all the stuff in it, but uh.... I don't have a wide angle lens. :-)

And welcome, Okey!

I love Japanese stuff! Great pictures.

Awesome posts by both you and Cookie, you two crack me up. Welcome Okey, you are just too cute!

You plastic eating monster, you! Hee hee, that pic of you and me is funny.

yay you posted! You and Cookie have now made me want to go to the japanese dollar store, I need stuff. The puppy is just adorable. :^)

girl, I love J-town. I was there in Nov. and it's so awesome. I ate so many cream puffs. Oof!

Okey is so cute. If you ever need a dog sitter, the Prince and Princess would be more than willing. Are you and Cookie feeling a little sheepish?? ;}

Freecia, I didn't know you were a Sumo wrestler, what a great form you have!?!?! hehehehe
Okey, you are too cute, no piddling on the yarn!

She posts! Looks like a great day trip...I really need to get up to SF soon. Okey is absolutely adorable!!!!

I am so going to Japantown soon -- DD has next week off school, so a trip to the sushi boat restaurant is clearly in order. And Ichiban Kan of course. "Mouton" sounds so much more elegant than "sheep" somehow, doesn't it?


DD and I raided that store yesterday, but now I know there's also one in El Cerrito! I posted about my loot here:

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