Traditional Gift Exchange

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Almost every holiday season, my high school (and earlier) friends get together to exchange gifts. It consists of a few different elements.

1) Gather the Christmas Loot. There's never been a Secret Santa where you only get one gift or a white elephant re-gifting. We take gift giving seriously as evidenced by this picture. We filled the tree with gifts for 6 (and a few misc. for boyfriends of friends) plus there's more around the back of the tree.


2) Stuff ourselves with lasagna and fondue. We actually managed to polish off quite a bit of the fruit and went through three bowls of chocolate. Gift Exchange calories don't count.


3) Open Presents. Stick all bows on your head. Marshall your gift wrap.



I got yarn from New Zealand. From two people on two different trips. Heeheeeee.

4) Gather all gift wrap and compress into balls. After staring others in the eye, throw the gift wrap at others. Repeat until all the gift wrap winds up behind the tree or stockpiled.

Alas, there are no photos of this because gift wrap throwing is an intensive combat sport. Plus Robin has really good aim. Stopping to take a photo is not a good idea.

And that is one of our Christmas Traditions. Not necessarily in this order but never without a wrapping paper fight.


I think it's a WONDERFUL tradition. :) I especially like the bows on heads part.

Happy New Year, Freecia!

I can't believe I didn't steal pictures from you! Send pictures via AIM immediately!

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