5 Things few people know about me

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Hollis tagged me on this one - 5 Things few people know about me:

1. My youth was peppered with many different dance classes, all of which I stank at. This includes a cheerleading dance class somewhere in Jr. High.
2. I refused to wear black for several years because it reminded me of funerals. This persisted all the way through much of high school. Now, half my wardrobe is black.
3. I secretly wish to wear makeup in a subtle and beautiful way but never remember not to rub my eyes.
4. Due to an episode of Quantum Leap in elementary school, I have a "thing" about Egyptian relics. Let's just say I like museums but will pretty much power walk through the Egyptian sections. I also convince myself the oogie boogies will eat someone else before they get to my house, several turns in from a major street. It is too inconvenient to eat me.
5. My car radio is almost always tuned to the classical station or NPR and has been so for the last few years. If I know of a hit song and music video, it is because I caught the video while watching MTV Cribs or Disney Channel's Hannah Montana.

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