Eye Candy Yarn

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Two skeins of Handmaiden Sea Silk in colorway Paris. Alas, it is not in my stash (but some will be soon enough, soon enough, my pretty). The feel of this yarn is so smooth and luxurious, it was slightly painful letting it go to the rightful sample knitter.



Click the images to enlarge. I took a good whiff and couldn't smell the seaweed others claim to pick up. I've got a good sniffer, too, and definitely know the smell of seaweed.

To console myself, I bought a skein of All Things Heather Merino Tencel sock yarn from The Loopy Ewe. I like to take the skein out now and then, pet it, and try to part with it as gift knitting. What was I thinking, envisioning this as a pair of gift socks. Pictures coming soon if I decide to keep it. If? If!


Ah, Fleece Artist. I haven't even felt the Sea Silk yet. How could they possibly smell seaweed? It's like 1% seaweed or less, isn't it?

How do you feel about alpaca merino?
Happy! -freecia

oooh I wouldn't mind getting a chace to sniff that myself! Beautiful beautiful colors!!!

Mmmm, Sea Silk! I only smelled it when I saw a huge bowl of it at Lettuce Knit, and with that much it did smell sea-ish.

I have some too and also could not smell the seaweed...

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