Everyone blogged but me

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I feel like everyone blogged but me this week. Even Eilen of Ei Knit who only posts ever so rarely (but fantastic knitting!).

Well, the Movable Type blog was exhibiting some odd keep on logging in behavior where I'd log in, click a link, have to log in, click another link, and repeat. The particular details were correct, the cookie was being set. I contacted the wonderful tech support and Sarah responded.1 We poked at a few things for about a week and she was able to figure it out for me, where the error was in a place where I should have guessed had I been troubleshooting this myself (du-uh!) and now the blog is all happy again! She ran a database repair because one of my movable type tables was marked in use (mt_session, double duh) and here's what she did to fix it:

> If you continue to see a login issue with your own
> username, I'd suggest you do try clearing cookies, and then
> login again - if it still occurs, do try running a CHECK
> and/or REPAIR command on the mt_session table of your
> database to see if this again corrects the problem.

Blog All Happy Again!

Thanks Sarah and Movable Type Support.

1 I have a license which includes support. My time was spent on other higher priority things than fixing the blog. Admit it, all 20 of you, that you didn't even notice my lack of posting. Bwahaha.


TOTALLY noticed your lack of blogging. . .I was beginning to wonder. When I blog more often than you do, it's definitely a reason to worry!

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