Interweave Winter 2006 Preview

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Interweave Knits has posted the Winter 2006 issue preview and here are a few of my favorites:


The Provincial Waistcoat, being a vest, has no sleeves (yay!) and has cables for added interest. It calls for Karabella Super Yak which is a Bulky weight yarn. I'll probably sub it for bulky alpaca (there's a sea green I have my eyes on) and be right toasty!

The purple Equestrian Blazer has some lovely rolled edging and would look great with a raglan sleeve modification. Is it just me or do handknit sweaters tend to look baggy under the armpits?

Rambling Rose Cardigan with lace detailing shows the purl side as the "public side". I've been meaning to knit up a few girly items to soften up my wardrobe and this is very cute. Rowan CashSoft would be a fantastic alternative yarn for this intricate top (yay for machine wash, bountiful availability, and more consistent non-handpaint dye lots!)

A Cardigan for Arwen - well just call me Arwen. This reminds me of Rogue but a bit less intricate and possibly a quicker knit.

There's so many cute patterns in this issue, I know I better ask for yarn money for Christmas. My stash is going to bulge!


I love the equestrian blazer looks like it would be fitted enough to wear under a coat too.

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