Almost to the Lace! Help me Choose

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The sleeves are slowly being finished and I'm on the lookout for some complementary yarn for the lace inset shown here:


{ Image borrowed from Magknits-Honorine }

After walking about the store for a good half hour with my in-progress sleeves, I've picked a few I think might work out with this "Harry Potter Maroon". Try to imagine them as lace by crossing your eyes and mentally drawing some holes in the sample yarns (this is my "imagine this knit-up in lace" face, not my "this smells bad" face).



Which pairing do you like?


I think the hemp, from that pic ...

I like the linen. And the hemp, but I think the feel of the hemp wouldn't be right.

The curious creek I think goes the least, but it could just be the picture.

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