A small Sock Breather

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While working the long stockinette pieces of Honorine and trying to fudge the gauge with hemp yarn (I refuse to admit defeat yet), I did my sock patriotism for Socktober. Besides, Cookie the Sock Temptress gave me the knee high sock bug. Yes. Knee Highs.


This is the beginning of some cute sock(s) Cookie's blog pointed me toward. Literally, Södera = söde (cute) + era (tribute to Hedera). I purchased one ball of Rowan Cashsoft 4ply from Purlescence and while I'm knitting a bit tighter than gauge, the sock is a bit big. Ah no matter, the sock is my cheating project and is mostly for fun. I'm taking this project as it comes and saving my deadline knitting for Honorine.

Now my biggest knit question is if I can achieve gauge in the lace pattern by using a 3mm needle on DK weight hemp...


Muhahahahaha! What? Am I a temptress? :-p

I'm pretty sure the hemp is too thick! I'd go with the linen!
Yay! You're blogging again!

Hey, I found your site while Googling for help on the Honorine sweater. I'm at the lace part too and can't figure out the joining two pieces into one. Any suggestions?

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