Movable Type 3.3

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Movable Type Version 3.3 is out.

- What's new in version 3.3? ( More here )
- What do I need to know BEFORE I upgrade?
- Where's the upgrade instructions? [pdf]
- I have a previous installation of Movable Type. Where do I download the free update?

My favorite new thing in 3.3?


The pretty "Create New Entry" editing screen. The "Upload File menu" has been revamped a bit, too. However, it is a bit less streamlined for those of us who use the "Set Upload Path" option.

Top Five New Features in Movable Type 3.3:

Tags: Describe your entries with tags so readers can easily find any content and subscribe to custom feeds.

Widgets: Arrange and manage your page just by dragging and dropping. Widgets can include your own content or content from other web services and feeds.

Activity Feeds: Reduce the burden of managing your blog by getting all the updates on comments and feedback on your blog, along with your blog's activity, delivered via a secure custom feed.

New Blog Styles: Customize the look of your site with just a few clicks, without editing any HTML. Choose from dozens of unique designs and layouts.

Powerful Templating Language: Movable Type's industry-leading template language is more powerful than ever, letting you choose exactly which content you want to display on your pages, as well as how it's presented. Customize your entire site without having to do any programming.

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