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Have you ever watched your favorite tv show or movie and wanted to meet the star, stalked their website, and wondered if you'd come of like a total blubbering idiot if you ever got to see them in person? Well, evidently, I'm pretty cool under stardom-firsthand pressure.1 I've spent the past few days rubbing elbows with Vickie Howell of DIY shows Knitty Gritty and Stylelicious (New!). And other than a funny little moron incident where I didn't start the car before backing out of the parking spot (Toyota Engines sure are quiet!) (twice. I thought I started the engine. twice. But I hadn't), I maintained my cool. Vickie kindly didn't laugh really loud at me and told me that the car wasn't on... Right after I made a comment about how the engine is so quiet I can't really tell if the engine is on (Yes, we have engine lights for a reason. Shush). In return, I didn't gush like a starstruck idiot for an hour in the car (how uncomfortable would that have been?). Sure, I love her show (oh, I think I should mention this to her. I might have forgotten) and yesterday, I did something nice for her. I fixed her laptop's Ethernet connection.

Come visit her on Saturday 4/22, 2pm at the Oakland Convention Center (map) attached to the Oakland Marriott. It is a quick hop off 880. If you're going to the Maker Faire, Oakland is only 30 minutes away from San Mateo. Just a bridge, really

She's just as cute as her picture and totally nice.

Evidently, I come off composed when meeting people I admire (other than my tendency to blush) and not like a total nut job. Whew! However, even if I do scare them a bit, I know this is exuberance. Not insanity. Oh heck, who am I trying to convince. And Yarn Harlot, take note, that parking lot was one of many local Peet's Coffee shops

1 There is hope that I won't gush and molest male movie stars. My boyfriend is now a bit more relieved. And he must like how I watch fictitious anime where all the characters are drawn.

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