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Update: Back from Disneyland! It was a total blast. We went from 8ish am to about midnight- Char and Melissa kept on going while I took a two hour break to recharge. Charlene Totally Slaughtered (In a good way) on the Buzz Lightyear ride which we rode three times. We rocked the fastpass system and probably waited longer to get into the parks than at most of the lines inside. I got my fantastically large turkey leg and lots of cast members (staffers) wished me happy birthday upon seeing my birthday sticker.

Today I turn 26 and what am I doing to celebrate? I'm going to Disneyland! Yes, really. And I got a totally different haircut!

From this:

To this!

New Haircut

James has termed it the Rukia from Bleach cut and it is kinda similar!


Cute haircut! I'm bummed that I missed the Vickie Howell signing (that pesky job) but I saw that FTA still has signed copies of the book so I might have to make do with that :)

Happy Birthday!! The new haircut looks very mod!

Love the haircut!!! Happy birthday, Freecia!!

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