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I had 13, 13!!!!, valid comments in my "junk comments" category. Movable Type 3.2 changed the comment preview process and I never knew I needed to check the possible junk comments. Usually comments are e-mailed to me so I can approve them but the suspected junk comments aren't e-mailed.

So, be sure to check your "Junk Comments" section if you use MT 3.2. People may actually be commenting on your blog, never seeing your comments, and never ever ever commenting again (Please, I've learned my lesson. I love comments and please leave some). Sorry!

There were 13 comments and all 13 were not junk. Why MT thought one comment was junk and the other was not, given the same commentor, I don't know. Some of that delicious spamranking algorithm, I guess.


I received my first ever spam comment the other day. I was actually shocked that it took whoever it was so long to spam my blog... LOL

Your socks looked beautiful. You knit so beautifully. See you again at Hollis's house near the end of the month. Any idea when the grand opening is? I should go to her blog and check.

I just sent my socks off - finished weeks ago but I couldn't let them go! Weird.

Again, great socks. - Penny

"Why MT thought one comment was junk and the other was not, given the same commentor, I don't know."

Actually, you CAN know and right now. Go look at the bottom of the comment editing page for the comments in question. Any comment (or TrackBack) that has received any rating (good or bad) will have a section at the bottom detailing precisely which plugins and which tests were scored.

We would never leave you high and dry with some voodoo system you couldn't control or understand. It's all right there. All you have to do is check it out.

Then, once you figure out why those good comments got marked as junk, you can go into you settings to make sure it never happens again. The instructions on SpamLookup1 should be very helpful in that regard, especially the part about lookup whitelists.

Anyway, I hope that helps! I hope you're enjoying the software.

[1] - http://www.sixapart.com/movabletype/docs/3.2/k_preinstalled_plugins/spamlookup/

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