Toe Toe Toe!

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Almost to the toe! I can't even explain how excited I am that this sock is almost finished. Please excuse the bad quality of phonecam pic but I was just too excited. I think I'll knit up the toe tomorrow morning!

Long and Skinny sock

It is so long and skinny that I can only thank the foresight of the pattern author (Veronik Avery) to recommend Louet Sales Gems Merino 'cause I'm going to have to block this sock.

I think I will probably stop in at Knit Happens or StitchDC to possibly get a 3mm dpn set Tues. or Wed in hopes that it will cure this skinny syndrome. The best solution for the exisitng sock is probably going to be a vicious hard-core block the sock in order to get it to a wearable width. I'm quite sure, thank you, that my pal does not have a 6" foot circumference.

One more sock to go. Can I contain my enthusiasm!? ;)


Hi Freecia, I just mailed your socks today (9/16). I had class all day yesterday so couldn't mail them then. Look for them Monday or Tuesday in your mailbox! Have a great weekend.

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