Sock Woes

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The second sock is halfway done but honestly, I don't like it. I went up to US #3's since Holly and I figured that was what was needed to get closer to gauge. And it is. But after finishing the entire leg and heel (with copious mistakes- this should have alerted me when I didn't want to go back and change them) that I didn't really like the openness of it. So, dear sock pal, you may get one sock, a ball of sock yarn, and a note that says the second sock will be coming shortly. Or something like that. I really don't want to delay mailing her socks but what knitter wants to receive a substandard sock?! Not only do I think I should feel terrible about giving her one crappier sock (I should, but right now I'm hopped up on Chinese food and aparthy for the ugly sock) but I think she'd feel sad at receiving a sock which she could have done a better job on herself!

So, I'm going to sleep on it and if I can manage to find those #2.5 that I originally have but have stuck somewhere in packing frenzy, will rip it out tomorrow morning. Or just break down and buy another set. Urgh. It feels so silly to buy another set when you have a set but just can't find it.

I'm trying not to take the easy road. I really wouldn't be proud to give her this sock, even if I may be really happy about finishing it. Yes, there is the deadline, but really, would you prefer a bad sock? I wouldn't.

I do expect the 2.5's to work out okay as long as I block the sock after. But the current state of the sock with the open weave-i-ness would require some blocking, too.

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