Sock Dance!

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Don't you wish I had one of them newfangled cameras that also takes movies? I do, then you could see silly little me shuffling across our hardwood floors doing a sock dance.

My Socks Rock. They're not named the Socks that Rock, though, I've dubbed them the Sunset Socks just as Katherine suggested, 'cause don't they remind you of a Sunset Over Water? (In all gushiness, I also love sunsets over water, just look in my gallery for sunsets over water. There are lots)

Copy of P1010003.JPG

They fit perfectly with a bit of room for my toes to wiggle which is just the way I love them. Plus, note the ribbing on top fits my plump white leg very comfortably.

Just LOVE.

Thanks Kat! Awesome job and despite what you say, I don't see any holes! Not even in the instep which is where mine always always appear. Don't even make me show you how I decided to seam up the picked up instep with a crochet chain since the holes on the second sock were making me despair.

'Scuse me while I take my tootsies out for a dance.

And oh, no, the wonky lotus pose with my legs doesn't hurt.


I'm glad you like them so much, I really had fun reading your blog while knitting them and the colors seem to match your personality. You're a very vibrant person. And I too love sunsets over water, which may be why the pooling reminded me of that. I hope they keep your feet happy for a long, long time. grin

Oh, i watched those socks progress on Kat's blog and wow, they look even more amazing on your happy, dancing feet!! Very cool!!



Yay! Your socks look terrific, and I thought that the lotus pose was a pretty clever photo - I always have a hard time figuring out how to photograph my feet. ;)

Seriously, though - you did a great job on your socks, but don't be surprised if you start thinking about your next pair of socks soon...

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