Not a Victim of One Sock Syndrome

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I told ya I'd block a sock. Well, I blocked two. Since the socks were knit on two different sizes of needles, I had to block one smaller and the other had to be blocked larger.

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Which is which? I'm sure you can tell but I think they both came out nicely.

What? You need to look closer? Click here to get a good eyeful.

The left one was knit on US #2's, right on US #3's. I did do a few hot water washes with the larger sock and found out that this Gems Merino yarn does bleed when in hot water. Not that I expected it to be pristine (doesn't bleed in cold, btw) but as superwash wool, I really didn't expect it to need two or three rinses to run clearer. Not clear. But less of a problem. I'll be sure to warn my pal that the yarn may bleed if she washes them in hot water.


Slow yarn crawl reveal- I brought back a few hundred yards of wound-from-coned Zephyr which total about 600 yards in only two ounces1. It was a steal, I tell you! Springwater Fiber is only a few blocks away from Knit Happens and had a lovely little cone forest in the back of their shop. It wasn't just wool cones either. Let me see a cone of yarn and you'll get a very happy freecia. There's just something lovely about good yarn on a cone (not to be mistaken as a cone of rug wool- ugh) that makes me smile. How Happy? Princess Leia Happy It probably has to do with the bargain and one long piece of yarn. I could argue for loving balls of yarn- like a cute little pet, but cones are a big honkin piece of love. Weaving Works has a full cone forest. So sad I don't have a cone forest of hand-knittable yarns in one of my LYS. There's a weaving shop which does carry weaving yarns but not much for hand-knits. Now- what to make with the Zephyr? Socks? Shawl? So soft.

1 Jaggerspun Zephyr | Fibre Content: 50% Tussah Silk/ 50% Merino Wool
Made In: USA
Care: Dry Cleaning Recommended
Gauge: 38 st/4 inches on 2 mm (US 0)
Yardage: 4581 m/lb (5040 yds/lb)
pulled from "once sold" list.

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Yay for completed socks. I love the Princess Leia picture, too. :)

The socks look good, despite their gauge fraternalness.
Princess Leia Happy! :)

Beautiful socks :-)

I got the socks! I really love the color and the pattern you picked out. Unfortunately, one of the socks is much smaller than the other one and doesn't really want to fit over my heel :/ I might unravel one and try to knit it a bit bigger. If anything though, I know that I really love this pattern and need to make myself more socks like it! I'll take pictures to post to my blog soon.

Thanks again :)

Great story about the brown socks. They are beautiful even though they are different sizes. The magic of gauge.
Missed you last Monday.

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