Lifehacker's Etiquette on Comments

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Lifehacker has a bunch of good points for proper commenting etiquette which I throught I'd bring up since knitting blogs can generate a lot of commentary- but not necessarily the norm.

Don’t comment for the sake of commenting. Commenters who only say “First!� or “Nice site� on an open thread have no business hitting that “Post� button at all. Further, only spammers comment for the sake of adding their name and URL to a web page. Useless comments will gain you the reputation for being a useless commenter.

If you're commenting to compliment a Finished Object- this is totally not a useless comment. As a friend recently pointed out, just by putting the picture on the 'net, we're saying "Look at me! Aren't I wonderful!" And in the nicest possible way, we're totally trolling for compliments ;)

Good blog commenters add to the discussion and are known as knowledgeable, informative, friendly and engaged. Build your own online social capital and become a great blog commenter by keeping these simple guidelines in mind before you post.

Well, if you followed my comments on other blogs, you'd see a mini-blog of sorts at times. Mostly because they're not professional blogs - and I felt a need to share my opinion. But honestly, I, like many other non-pro bloggers, love comments. We love feedback. We have contests to generate comments. Admit it, comments are fun. Even if they're sometimes trivial and not really on topic. Or some encouragement.

Or maybe just some justification that someone other than you reads your blog (admit it, you do read your own blog). The article is good but I also felt that it didn't completely cover peoples' tendencies to congregate in person and talk about absolutely nothing- other than their children, knitting, and what horrible horrible show/movie/reality series they caught... or what new bruise they got, or how they feel about so-and-so's new haircut... Ah gossip, the good stuff that makes life go round. Of course, lots of gossip goes on behind closed e-mails ;)


i agree that commenting on blogs can also be informal, as it let you know that someone out there is actually reading and gives you the incentive to keep posting. i never realized that there had to be a standard, that all blogs must be strictly purveying information. some people think that posting about the amusing action of their pets is informative.

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