hurricane relief

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For those of you who haven't seen the give a little fund-raising campaign please take a look.
It's easy-
This is an appeal to you to give what you can to the Red Cross or other charity oranizations who will help Katrina vistims with the basics of life. You can donate on-line or call 1-800-HELP NOW. Let us know what you have donated to Katrina Aid through the American Red Cross (we recommend the Disaster Relief Fund) at this email address: Please put your name and the amount donated in the subject line. We'll keep a tally on our sidebars so that you can watch the dollars grow. Each Friday we'll annouce a winner or two (or three) for the prizes you see on this page.

I'll be giving a Japanese craft magazine. Actually, I'll be taking the winner's choice of style- hip, traditional, lace, crochet, sewing, etc- and going to the store to pick one out. If you've been hankering after one of these, here's a way of getting one. (Donate anyway, please, but if you need incentive, here is one).

Knitting huricane survivors who lost stash- I open my stash to you. I know that you need other items much more right now. You have other things you're worrying about right now. But. If I can help in this way to alleviate a bit of your loss, please please, let me do so.

Quilters are sending bed linens to Texas.
Use this address to send your quilt/s: COMFORT AMERICA PROJECT
c/o International Festival
7660 Woodway, Suite 550
Houston, TX 77063
Please note: for security, do NOT use the word 'quilt' ANYWHERE in your address label!
They're also matching donations, so please also send an e-mail to them, your company, and anyone else who will match a donation.
We will match EVERY donation made by quilters to the American Red Cross, up to a maximum of $10,000, on a dollar for dollar basis. In other words, if you make a $25 donation, we'll match that with another $25 donation. If you make a $100 donation, we'll match that with another $100 donation, right up to the maximum. To avoid delays in your donations reaching the Red Cross, and because we have trusted quilters for more than 30 years now, just email us with the amount of your donation that you sent to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Every penny of every donation--up to $10,000--will be matched by International Quilt Festival. You have my word on that. Please use this email address: and use the subject line: RED CROSS DONATION.

Send clean bedding. I, queen of nappy time, blaaaaanket, and beeeeeed, definitely have some extra sheets I'll be washing and sending out on Tuesday (since there's no mail tomorrow or Mon.) Fleece blankets are good, too.

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