Displaced kitty

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I've forced a cute little kitty out of her bedroom and bed. Piper is a sweet cat though, so maybe she'll forgive me. Do cats do the whole shoe revenge thing dogs do?....

Copy of P9080048.JPG

And what does a knitter do with a huge stretch of plane time before her? Work on a sock, of course.

Copy of P9080050.JPG

Ok. That doesn't really show off the lace work which is taking so loooooooong though, does it (BTW, nice color. I have two skeins of this and just realized that, despite the assurance of the shop owner, might not be enough. This is due to my own rip and hack job, though)

Copy of P9080051.JPG

Sock on a Cup. We have a heel, too, but really, it isn't so interesting and doesn't merit a separate photo.

Well, I'm off to bed since it is midnight here in DC where I'm visiting a friend and I plan to take on the monuments early tomorrow.

Sock, meet monument. Monument- Sock. Toodles!

BTW, the fear that the socks will not be completed by the deadline has now set in. I think I'll need to visit a yarn store to procrastiknit and deny the possibility that there won't be a time warp in my favor before next Tuesday.

P.S. Claritin-D 24 hour is doing its job so far


Maybe if you wine and dine your sock while you're in DC it'll behave better when you get home. Like, maybe it just needs to get out of the house more often. ;)

Have a great time in DC!

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