DC rocked

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I finished out my DC visit with a trip to Clyde's for some seafood, Potomac Mills- the outlet mall, and a third visit to Knit Happens

First off- Steph was an awesome hostess, even locking her poor kitty out of the bedroom at all times so there would be no chance of it getting into my stuff and thereby making me sneeze. I'll miss Piper who has to be the most awesome kitty ever, since she lets you hold her tail. Well, I didn't, but Stephi demonstrated for me.

Secondly, despite the humidity which this lucky girl doesn't really miss, I made a mad dash to most of the museums. Photos soon.

Third, I will miss out not having a public transit commute. Wendy is so lucky to have a commute. I know, this is odd, but it was fairly efficient and gave me about an hour and half knitting time each day. No stress of getting to somewhere on time, either, because a) I was on vacation so my schedule was flexible and b) I was under the timetable of the metro system, so not much I could control anyhow.

Happy Moon Festival.

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