Full Thread Ahead is launched!

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A message from freecia to fellow knitsters who are on the lookout for great yarn stores. SUPER SUPER! Full Thread Ahead was launched this last weekend and I loved the Bamboo and Soy Silk! But I was a good girl and just came out with the Cascade Cotton Rich. I did spot Bogie of Knit Flix at the launch. That was interesting because I regularly read her blog and thought it might be her, then went home and saw the yarn she picked up.
There are those who argue about the ethics of injecting advice when it is really advertising and well, I kind of agree with them. However, I saw some unique yarns there and know Hollis is totally committed to getting some great yarns you don't see very often. This is tough in our area since we've got LYS galore but I have to say that if you buy some of that yarn, I've probably drooled on it. So, freecia drool free with purchase. Given that I'm like a fanatical shopper (we've been known to visit 3-4 yarn shops in a day looking for the exactly perfect item. Or my wanting to make all my friends go to the Hudson in New York for the yarn stores, nevermind only three of us knit) I can totally say that many of these are custom dyed yarns in lucious summer colors but Hollis also took into account her friends' tastes and included wonderfully tactile neutrals and my moldy greens. Char's big chunkies. Melissa scored some pretty cotton for a Vintage Knits tank top. And an awesome level of customer service (She fed us while showing off the yarn).
Go now for the 15% discount she's offering, just enter LAUNCHPARTY in the discount field during checkout! Dive Right in I almost did with her big oodles of yarn. Ohh. Did I mention that she's been knitting for... Let's just say her first knitted object might be able to purchase alcohol. Always nice to know that you're buying from an expert knitter who has actually knit up patterns she's selling with the yarns she carries.


Really? You read my blog regularly? That's pretty cool. I'm subscribed to your blog thru Bloglines. :-)

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