Excuse me while I Drool

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My life is just too good. I mean, how often does someone in your knitting group open up an online yarn store and import stuff you've never seen. My stash is now so sad in comparison. My life is aimless and without purpose until some of this yarn comes home with me.

What am I talking about?

Never Judge the Contents by the bag

Because it may just be the most startling yummy colors of Yarn!

The Launch Party is this weekend. RSVP if you can make it! If you can't but see something you like, leave a comment on the blog to indicate interest ('cause Hollis is great but she can't read minds outside of a 10 mile radius. I should know. She keeps on buying all my colors in the perfect weights and blends. Don't even get me started on the info she scrounged on needles or a certain East Coast Yarn I was staring at during Stitches West). The store is online, after all, so you can shop to your content. Mad brilliant.

If my world was perfect, she'll also carry the Phildar patterns. Except it seems to be an extreme effort to get Phildar in the States and it is already available in Canada. Guess I might just mail order once I get to a sleeve in Sway.

Speaking of Sway, the fronts are coming along nicely. I'll take a photo of it soon! And once again answer Charlene's question of why I have holes in the fronts. They're POCKETS Char. POCKETS.


wow, that haul is beautiful!

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