capsule hotels


The concept of Capsule hotels has now been taken abroad-

EasyHotel by the Easy group (easyJet, easyCar, etc. You know, the orange company) is the first to implement the adapted capsule hotel concept. Here's the rundown-
  • A central London bed from £5 a night
  • 900 square feet
  • bed
  • ensuite bath (in room)
  • flexible pricing based on demand and how far you book in advance (like plane tix)
  • windows optional
  • no phone
  • no tv

Basic clean small place to sleep in a good location. For cheap.
EasyHotel Concept page

Yotel from the Yo! group (Yo!Sushi) is an adaptation of capsule concept and British Airways first class. Still a concept, it is much more techie friendly-
  • Starts £70 a night in central London
  • 10*12 size
  • bed and ensuite bath (in room)
  • iPod connector
  • downloadable movies and music
  • wifi
  • special lighting for cheaper locations-”reflective mechanisms and channelling of light” which allows it to be located in darker places.
  • rain shower (think Tomb Raider movie Lara Croft’s rainfall shower)

Both sound pretty sweet as long as they can keep it pretty clean and new.

So how does this all differ from the average business traveler's needs?
Well, some chain recently spoke on the radio about what a business traveler requires-

  • technology center to print, fax, and copy
  • high speed internet access
  • well lit desk and conveniently located ethernet/wifi and electric outlet
  • a few easy to reach electric outlets to recharge stuff
  • coffee in room
  • food in hotel or closeby
  • humans to help them (‘cause the average business traveler is short on time)
  • possibly a small gym to blow off steam
That's basically all the business oriented hotels like hilton and starwood (plus their smaller non-metropolis counterparts) are aiming for. There's so many different genres of hotels that it really is becoming a destination within itself and if you're picky, you have a lot of options to consider. Of course, if you're my dad, you just want a clean place in a decent location for a cheap price. If you're me, I want down blankets, a good-sized clean bathroom, and quiet. If it comes with a plasma tv, well, I'll be drooling. Oh. And if you're a hotel which knows the difference between hot water for tea or coffee and provide a hot water maker instead of Mr. Coffee, I love you. Sooooo much. I'd even forgo the down blanket and spacious bath. (Can you see why I love the UK and Japan?) Predictably, my favorite hotel cities are NYC, London, and Tokyo. It's where you get the contemporary techie boutique (small) luxury hotels. There are a few hotels I covet in each city and here's a small list