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On an odd note, the joint on my thumb below the nail area decided to swell up for some reason or another. Now it's just a bit difficult to bend that joint with the same degree of motion I normally have. It's an odd feeling.

rating: **/*****
ups: nice eye candy. Luke Mably (Prince Edward) and his castle were both prime. Pimping Luke's bod. Cute romantic scenes.
downs: lackluster script, extremely drawn out scenes which didn't further the plot, uninspiring performance of the "girlfriend" role by Julia Stiles (again. how many times has she played the gf?!!). Screaming teenybopper girls with "He's so hot" while Mr. Mably's bod was scantily clad.

This viewer believes that the movie had potential but played to the hormone induced teenage girls too much. Long drawn out romance scenes lagged and while I'm all for not pimping female sex appeal, they kinda just made Luke Mably a 13 year old girl's wet dream walking around without many clothes. Kind of unfair. In fact, I think he had a larger wardrobe than she did... Sorta feel bad for him. Still, he did an admirable job and starred in most of the comedic moments. Stiles, however, did a poor imitation of her former roles in Down to You, Save the Last Dance, and 10 Things I Hate About You. The script needed some major rewrites, too, so that didn't help her unoriginal dialogue. The dark horse character who unintentionally had a decent supporting role was the butler/assistant.

Funny now that I think about it, Stiles' character Paige has a problem with her Shakespeare class and "Eddie" helps her out because he is good with the bard. (Of course the Prince of Denmark can quote Hamlet but not perform Chemistry experiments) Okay the actual funny thing is that Stiles portrayed Ophelia in the 2000 version of Hamlet with Ethan Hawke.

While this movie did manage to squeeze a few years and laughs, it mostly received yawns. Romantic tension didn't really build much and we felt dissapointed as we left the theater. We just kinda looked at each other and wondered why we had spent $6.25 and two hours watching this. We did agree that we would probably watch Luke Mably's next film. Personally, I might not watch more Julia Stiles girlfriend films. There's only so many times you can play that role and have an interesting movie (once again a good script would have helped). I think they tried to imitate a Drew Barrymore-type plot (the sweet girl and the cute guy make goofy and lucrative film) but they missed out on most the comedic and witty aspects Draw Barrymore films usually have.

Bottom Line: rent it when it comes out on tape with a bunch of girlfriends. If you're 13, you probably won't notice the unoriginal plot. However, I think it would be more fun to rent it, grab some popcorn, and shout irreverant suggestions while watching it. It had potential but really didn't carry it out.


actually, regarding julia stiles and her propensity for roles from the bard:
10 things i hate about you is an updated taming of the shrew
o - updated othello
hamlet - was was ethan hawke as previous mentionned.

Yes yes. It was also funny how it was the Princes of Denmark, Hamlet and Eddie, and how she actually portrayed a character in Hamlet. That makes it three directly related to the bard and one indirectly referencing Shakespeare.

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