light up my night

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A Light Up Umbrella. Yes. Really. The annex of the umbrella has a krypton light powered by 4 AA batteries and cast a bright light directed downward. It seems like a movie concept but makes for a cute accessory. I wonder if I would be able to see all those puddles (not that it really rains that much here in California). Or if you're afraid of those horro movie esque dark and stormy nights, well, this would be your own personal nightlight.
For a review and a pic of what it looks like in the dark, check out the-gadgeteer

And while wandering over to wishing fish to stare at the price tag in disbelief, I spotted this really cute knitting kit which would be a fun gift for my birthday ;) I want to try knitting! (I know, I'm such a bundle of contradiction)


KNITTING?? I'm sorry, that picture just doesn't enter into my brain. I just can't see you having the patience for knitting.. (hey, like I would have it either, lol).

.... freecia knitting....

wow. though, i'm not totally enthused with those circular needles, they kind of suck sometimes. ok, more than sometimes, but whatever.

You can imagine me knitting, cursing, and poking.
There's a cute book called stitch and b**ch (yes that is the actual title) that looks quite good on my amazon wishlist.
I would have spelled that last word out, but it occurs to me that I don't have all that many swear words on this site and I try keep it relatively clean for family and friends who don't want to read cuss words all over.

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