cutesy movies


There's two new cutesy (chick teen flick) movies coming out. The Prince and Me which comes out today. Ella Enchanted comes out next Friday, April 9th.

Prince and me is the story of a girl who falls for a normal guy only to find out he's a prince. A bit of a twist on the Princess Diaries concept where you find out being royal isn't all fun and games but being young and in love triumphs over all. Well, at least that's what I'm expecting since it's a Julia Stiles movie and teenybopper movies usually have happy sweet endings.

Ella Enchanted stars Anne Hathaway (Princess Diaries) and has supporting roles by Cary Elwes (reason enough to see it!), Minnie Driver, and other famous actors. Ella is blessed/cursed with the gift of obedience and she goes on a quest to free herself. This movie looks particularly cute and as far as I can tell, the trailer hasn't been as overplayed as Prince and Me has.

I can't really pinpoint what I like about these romantic comedies other than the fact that they're cute and light. I really like the ones where the girl goes on a quest or has some non-trivial objective. Perhaps they remind me of the classic romance comedies from the decadent era of Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall. I miss the witty repartee and the self assured female who is beautiful but doesn't have an infatuation with mirrors. I particularly like Anne Hathaway so I'll definitely be seeing Ella next week. Julia Stiles is more "ehhh" where I know the film will be cute, but it won't be so hilarious that my stomach hurts. Okay so I admit I really want to see the prince in prince and me... The fictitious title in the movie is the Prince of Denmark and the actor Luke Mably really does look a bit like Frederik André Henrik Christian, the actual crown Prince of Denmark. Maybe my affinity has something to do with the American-Disney indoctrination of Princes and Princesses. Yes, we'll all just blame Cinderella.