where did time fly- time found

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I think I've finally found out where most of my time goes... Or rather you know, it becomes 1:58 pm and you say to yourself, crap, I have all this work I haven't finished and I've got to be somewhere by 5 with this work.
So having figured it out I think it's two inter-related things. 1. Sleep. I sleep around 6-8 hours which by no means is a lot or a little. 2. late to bed and late to rise but I usually knockoff around 10. So if I go to bed at 2, that gives me 4 hours of fun time. There's a lot I can accomplish in 4 hours but most likely fun time means chatting with friends, watching some anime, or reading a book. Maybe all three.
Lost time is bad. Now I know where it's going but it's still not productive time. Which is even worse. BACK TO WORK, PEON!


Don't forget time spent blogging =)

You should make one of those 'productivity' schedules that Char's friend had on his site. lol.

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